DoKaSch Leasing AG is your professional
Financial Services provider within the
DoKaSch Group in light of our decades
of experience with procurement and
handling of air cargo equipment.
At the same time, we lease air cargo
equipment to companies within the
air cargo sectors, as well as machines
and technical plants to SMEs. DoKaSch
Leasing AG is a 100% subsidiary of
DoKaSch GmbH Air Cargo Equipment +
Repair and was founded in 2008 in order
to extend full service for customers to
Financial Services as part of investments
in the air cargo sector. As one of the
leading leasing companies in the air cargo
industry in Germany, we are more than
just an expert leasing partner. With the
expertise pooled in our company from
investment solutions through to technical
expertise in the air cargo equipment sector,
we are able to offer you a comprehensive
Financial leasing
DoKaSch Leasing AG offers a leasing contract
for a specific time interval, under which the
required leased item is acquired and financed
from the leasing provider DoKaSch Leasing AG
and is delivered to the particular customer
(e.g. airline, logistics company or end customer)
as a lessee against payment of an agreed
monthly leasing fee.
We also prepare profitability calculations for
our customers on request that show what the
income situation looks like compared with the
leasing costs during the period in which our air
cargo equipment is used.
DoKaSch Leasing AG
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