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Air Cargo Equipment+ Repair
Industriegebiet Feincheswiese 3
56424 Staudt
Tel: +49 (0) 2602 / 9402-02
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Court of registry:
Montabaur  District Court
Registration number: HRB 3507
Directors and authorised representatives:
Werner Dommermuth, Dr. Stefanie Dommermuth,
Akin Demir
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DE 149340852
Responsible for content:
Akin Demir
Responsible for data protection :
Brands Consulting | Datenschutz & Beratung
Externer DSB der DoKaSch GmbH
Auf dem Hahn 11
D-56412 Niedererbach (Westerwald)
Any data subject may, at any time, contact our
Data Protection Officer directly with all
questions and suggestions concerning
data protection.
1 Limitation of liability
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have to be brought in line with provider's
view. It is not reasonable for the provider
to constantly control the external links
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violations. However, such links are deleted i
mmediately as soon as we gain knowledge
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3.1. External Copyright:
DoKaSch Hahn. Aerial image
Gerhard Otto

4 Use of data
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