Service centre
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport


DoKaSch demonstrates
proximity to the customer.

  Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
DoKaSch also maintains a maintenance facility
based on the latest standards and guidelines
with modern machines and equipment for
flattening pallets, adjusting edge rails and
profiles, welding, marking, riveting as part of
the valid standards. DoKaSch offers quality
work through well-trained personnel. EDP-
supported processes and ongoing
documentation of all work steps and materials
ensure seamless documentation.
The central location in direct vicinity to the
HHN cargo centre ensures the shortest
routes and guarantees that the required
equipment is handled quickly. A company
fleet supports these processes.
Annual internal and external quality audits
by the regulatory authorities, our customers
and organisations pay testament to the
consistently high quality standard.


Service-Centre Airport Frankfurt-Hahn
Flughafen Hahn Gebäude 880
55483 Lautzenhausen
Tel.: +49 (0) 6543 5094 90
Fax.: +49 (0) 6543 5094 91