Service is our

  DoKaSch GmbH's services encompass
repairs, the technical overhaul and the
rework of ULDs produced in-house and
other ULDs.
We are a specialist for repairs, maintenance
as well as the overhaul of all types of air
cargo loading equipment that meet
international IATA standards, regardless of
their individual design and are manufactured
from aluminium or polycarbonate.
We maintain service centres close to the
customer in line with the dictum of 'short
routes to market'.
We collect the containers, warehouse
them on request and deliver them when
and where they are required.
Customer consulting is among our services,
where this involves investment in specific
ULDs or the right air cargo equipment
for particular jobs.
'Last but not least' we offer comprehensive
solutions for hiring out, leasing or financing
DoKaSch ULDs.

Our standard services
Our primary goal is to gear our
 services to the customers' requirements
DoKaSch is a specialist in the repair,
 maintenance or rework of:
  Air cargo containers that are certified
  or not certified
  Temperature-controlled air cargo
  Air cargo, heavy duty and military
  Vehicle transport systems, pallet
  extenders, door nets etc.
  Air cargo nets
Our service encompasses flattening pallets,
 levelling edge rails and profiles, welding,
 marking and riveting within the scope of
 the valid standards.
The repair of pallets and container nets is
 also part of the service.
We are also able to maintain and repair all
 DoKaSch products efficiently at various
 locations worldwide using our logistics.
 Co-operation with approved and independent
 repair workshops helps in this task.
We further offer a daily transport service
 to Frankfurt Airport, and to Frankfurt-Hahn
 Airport, if necessary, or to other German
 and European airports upon request.
Human resources
We regularly hold instructions, training courses
and further training at our own training facilities.
Welding specialists, adhesive technicians or
drivers receive instruction in external training
courses. All these points are, of course,

At all our locations we specialise and are
certified with respect to the inspection,
maintenance and repair of air cargo
equipment to Part 145 C6 rating, particularly
for pallets, containers and air cargo nets.
We are not only approved to inspect,
maintain and repair own air cargo equipment,
as part of our approval, we maintain,
inspect and carry out repairs to ULDs of
all manufacturers to conform to CMM
As a customer, we are in a position to serve
you as quickly as possible from our own
fleet that has been manufactured specially
for our requirements. The best-possible
loading capacity ensures rapid shipment and
reduces costs for both sides. It goes without
saying that our entire fleet meets the latest
environmental standards and satisfies all
requirements for secure road transport.
Training for drivers and load securing staff
rounds off the service.
Warehousing customers' ULD: we are able
at all our sites to warehouse all types of air
cargo equipment to Part 145 C6 rating
based on the IATA requirement. Warehousing
is documented. Upon request the devices
undergo a check before, after or even before
and after warehousing. Warehousing also
includes transport and provision in the right
place at the right time. All data is backed up
in our own specially developed software
certified by the regulatory authority.