and competent

  DoKaSch does not just build ULDs but provides
its customers with professional advice on every
aspect of high-level ULDs.
We point out the transport options to you from
pallets with nets, to ultra-light Lightweight
Containers right through to temperature-
controlled 'Active Containers'. We will
particularly explain the deciding differences
and highlight the confirmed benefits of
DoKaSch ULDs.
We advise and support you on questions
about safe loading and packing and equally
on matters concerning the correct labelling
and handling of ULDs. We will provide you
with help on matters concerning professional
maintenance and repair and will highlight
any professional solutions for your transport
We will, of course, also be happy to offer
advice on customised solutions. Special
ULDs tailored to your transport challenge.
Do you have a transport problem?
DoKaSch has the professional solution.