DoKaSch Gesellschaft
für Forschung und
Entwicklung mbH


Research and Development
in touch with the latest trends

  DoKaSch R&D with headquarters directly at
Rhein-Main Airport Frankfurt, the largest air
cargo hub in Germany, is an important driver
for innovation in air cargo equipment solutions.
It develops technological innovations for the
air cargo equipment industry. Practical
solutions have continually emerged since it
was founded in 2011. It focuses on developing
the next generation of ULD with future-looking,
well-developed materials for the production of
cost-efficient and durable unit load devices
(ULDs). There are particular innovations for
reducing the weight of ULDs to efficiently
spare resources. Additionally, solutions are
developed that significantly lengthen the
average life of the unit load devices (ULD).
The DoKaSch Air Cargo Research and
Development Centre actively works to find
comprehensive solutions to meet the rising
demand for economic air cargo equipment
in the future.
DoKaSch Gesellschaft für
Forschung und Entwicklung mbH

Mönchhofallee 7
65451 Kelsterbach
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