DoKaSch GmbH
Air Cargo Equipment & Repair


Air cargo equipment
has one name in Europe:

  As one of the leading European developers,
manufacturers and repair service companies
for standardised and customised unit load
devices (ULDs) DoKaSch GmbH, with
headquarters in Staudt / Montabaur, is
represented with service centres at the
most important air cargo terminals in
Germany Frankfurt / Main and Frankfurt /
From DoKaSch GmbH's headquarters close
to Montabaur with the complex operating
plant conveniently near to the A3 motorway
interchange, it is possible to reach Germany's
three most important air cargo terminals in
Frankfurt / Main, Frankfurt / Hahn and Cologne-
Bonn in less than an hour without any delays,
using this fast and logistically useful access.
The total surface area of DoKaSch's operating
plant at the company's headquarters extends
for approximately 20,000 sqm, which is currently
used for production facilities and for management
and administration.
We provide top quality services in design,
manufacture, maintenance and repair that focus
on the market and the customer in this DokaSch
network of subsidiaries.
Modern ULDs are produced here based on
innovative solutions for new, light composite
materials and Active Container systems with
technical functions for efficient and constant
transport of temperature-sensitive air cargo.
We offer our international customers from
the airlines, logistics sectors as well as the
pharmaceutical industry every air cargo loading
equipment solution to meet requirements at
the technically highest level in terms of quality
and function.
In addition, we offer consultancy on every aspect
of air cargo equipment from development to
repair and maintenance concepts right through
to complete leasing and hire solutions as part
of strategic investment planning.
Our recently founded Swiss subsidiary in Basel
demonstrates our proximity to the customer
in specific sectors, as we are able to supply
the European pharmaceutical industry in time
from here.