DoKaSch mission statement


The next generation
unit load devices

  Convinced by the positive customer feedback
of the past and our innovation over the last two
decades, as a medium-sized global supplier with
regional roots, we are constantly driving the
technological development of unit load devices
Sustainable and cost-effective transport solutions
for the air cargo transport sector underlies our

We, the staff of the DoKaSch Group, accept
responsibility for our colleagues, for the
satisfaction of our customers, for our
entrepreneurial success, as well as for the
environment and company.
Our central company values:
Draw on the innovation of every member of staff
Value each individual
Continuity and sustainability
To achieve our high product,
quality, environmental, service
and safety standards:


Fair competition is the basis of our business
We foster fair dealings and a spirit of partnership
  with our customers, suppliers, authorities and
We guarantee that data entrusted to us is
  protected from unauthorised disclosure
We inform our customers and our staff promptly,
  transparently and in full about our results, our
  achievement of targets and our services
We stick to local, national as well as national
  and international regulations and standards
  and surpass these, if we feel this is important
We are aware of our customers' expectations
  and work daily to increase their degree of
We document our processes and ensure that
  they are adhered to and improved
We adopt a process of continuous improvement
  throughout the company that brings measurable
  benefits or reduces risks

We regularly analyse all manner of risks and
  take necessary precautionary measures and
  monitor their success
We set binding targets for all employees and monitor
  that they are achieved and are effective
In all company processes, we take care that materials
  and resources are used sparingly
In all company divisions, we ensure the maximum
  environmental compatibility and focus on
  environmental protection
In production and products, we manufacture with
  the maximum in terms of security for the product
We use our social responsibility as a company
  and team for our social environment and the
We consciously stick to our responsibility and
  word to our customers on a daily basis
Together we daily serve the common goal: our
  customers' satisfaction.