DoKaSch partner companies


Achieve common

  DoKaSch has maintained a close partnership
with Lufthansa Cargo for many years. As one
of the first airlines, Lufthansa Cargo identified
the potential of refrigerated transport by air
cargo that it has successively developed with
support from DoKaSch. Where the sensitive
shipment of pharmaceutical products is
concerned, DokaSch refrigerated containers
from Lufthansa Cargo now flies worldwide
to over 100 destinations.
Lufthansa Cargo flies DoKaSch Active
Containers in the models:

New, lightweight composite materials have
been tested with research institutes for
containers and launched onto the market
as Lightweight Containers.
Expertise has been developed in this context
for an optimum supply of logistics in the
interest of an airline to deliver spare parts,
warehousing, on-site services, help with
technical problems, training in how to handle
ULD technology, consultancy service, the
supply of materials for ground support and
the workflow for the optimised handling of
pallets and containers.

  Lufthansa CARGO
 Fraunhofer Institute
 for new materials

DoKaSch's customers therefore benefit
from our many years of knowledge and our
comprehensive experience. We offer you
not only the expertise of our engineers with
products made from aluminium or rigid
composite materials or the right 'active'
ULDs for temperature-sensitive cargo, but
also logistics concepts for the handling and
storing containers and pallets, right through
to the comprehensive profitability calculation
for leasing new ULD investments.