Our AAC/LAY is a multi-contour container and fits aircraft type B737 or A300 perfectly, depending on the loading direction. The container, with fire-resistant door and net, can withstand a Class A fire according to ISO 19281 and AS 8992 for at least 6 hours. It is also available equipped with a flexible standard door and net. The doors are configurable for both inboards as well as outboards. Solid doors with a lock for inboards are possible for special applications.

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Container information



  • Base size (A)
    2.235 x 3.175 mm /
    88 x 125 inch

  • Contour (Y)
    3.175 x 2.235 x 2.032 mm /
    125 x 88 x 80 inch


  • Tare weight
    from 262 kg / 578 lb

  • Max. gross weight
    6.804 kg / 15.000 lb

Aircraft acceptability

  • Optimal:

  • Non optimal:
    Airbus A300F/300-600F, Airbus A300 / 310 P2F, Airbus A320 / 321 P2F, Airbus A330-200F, Airbus 330-200 / -300 P2F, Boeing 727-100C / QC / F, Boeing 737C / QC/ F, Boeing 747F, Boeing 757F, Boeing 767F

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