Our HCU-12 is a HCU-6 with the length divided by half. It can thereby be used not only on military aircraft but also on medium-lift transport helicopters such as the CH-47 or the CH-53. Our HCU-12 is likewise constructed according to a full-aluminium sandwich design with a high-solidity durable core.

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Container information



  • Base size (D*)
    1.371 x 2.235 mm /
    54 x 88 inch

    *NAS 3610 base size not covered in AS 3600A

  • Contour
    2.235,2 x 1.371,6 x 56,7 mm /
    88 x 54 x 2,2 inch


  • Tare weight
    65 kg / 144 lb

  • Max. gross weight
    2.268 kg (after Mil. Spec. 2.341) / 5.000 lb (after Mil. Spec 5.160)

Aircraft acceptability

  • Optimal:
    CH 53, C-9, C-17, C-27, Ch-47, CN-235, KC-135, KC-46
  • Non optimal:

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